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Any time you see a visibly pregnant woman, you may inadvertently say the wrong thing to her even if you mean well. However, you don’t know how she will take the comment, and if you are the one who is pregnant, you will agree that people can say things that are quite insensitive about you being pregnant even though they did not intend to come off that way at all. However, if you are the one who comes across a pregnant woman, here is a list of 10 things to not say to her. And, if you are the pregnant woman reading this, you will not be able to help but agree with what is listed here as well. Let’s go over the list of what not to say to any visible mom-to-be:

Are You Expecting Twins? – That is not an appropriate question to ask any pregnant women, including those who are indeed expecting multiples. That just is a clear indicator that you are commenting on how large they are. Pregnant women already know that they are carrying extra, and don’t need to be reminded,

You Look Like You Are About To Pop – That also is an indicator that you are commenting on how large the pregnant woman is. And, this is also not appropriate to say to pregnant women that are already overdue which only will add to their frustration over that as well. Overdue pregnant women want to be done with the pregnancy once and for all and telling them this will only remind them again that they are still very pregnant which they want to be over and done with.

You Are So Tiny And You Don’t Look Pregnant At All – Commenting on size when it comes to pregnancy is wrong one way or another. Some pregnant women don’t carry visibly, and some pregnant women are very sick during their pregnancies which actually makes them self-conscious knowing that they are not showing much due to weight loss. Either way, it is not the right thing to say at all.

You Look Farther Along Than X Weeks And I Bet Your Baby Will Come Early – That is another comment on the size that should not be said at all. Again, some pregnant women carry well, and some do not, and some appear to be carrying larger babies than they really are. But it is always best to keep that observation to yourself.

Wow, You Are Carrying The Baby Low, High, etc So You Must Be Having A Girl, Boy – First of all, it is an old wives tale that a pregnant woman is carrying low that she is having a boy, and if she is carrying high, then it is a girl. That is not true, and that also is not something to tell any pregnant woman. Especially if she just found out that she was having a boy and really wanted to have a girl, and is carrying high. That will only add salt to the wound.

Was It Planned? – That is not of anyone’s business whether the pregnancy was planned or not, and that is not an appropriate question to ask at all.

You Look Sick, Exhausted, Sad, etc – Yes, the pregnant woman may have all of those traits and there is not a reason to remind her of that at all.

You’ll Want To Know About My Traumatic Labor Story – No she does not want to know about that because there is no reason to scare her at all.

Should You Be Eating/Drinking That? – Whether or not the pregnant woman should be eating or drinking whatever you are pointing out, it is not anyone’s business. Even if she is eating something or drinking something that is not recommended for consumption during pregnancy.

Are You Going To Be Able To Handle A or Another Baby? – This is not a question to ask a first-time mom or a mom of other kids. She will find a way to care for the baby and you don’t need to ask whether she is capable or not. However, now that you are aware of what not to say to a pregnant woman, it doesn’t mean you have to stay silent either. But you just don’t want to say anything that can be considered rude which is in the list above. In the next post, you will learn about the right thing to say to a pregnant woman so this way you won’t need to walk on eggshells each time you walk by one.

Researchers at Bristol and Brunel universities say prolonged use of the pill may boost fertility, not the other way around, as scientists feared.  They found that women who take the pill for more than five years after they stop taking it are more likely to get pregnant than those who have never used the pill.  Some studies published in the last ten years have suggested that the contraceptive pill could reduce fertility.  Other research has reported that women who tried to become pregnant after stopping taking the pill took longer than women who used other contraceptive methods. Pregnancy The new study found that women who had taken oral contraceptives for longer periods were more likely to get pregnant than women who took the pill for shorter periods. The survey involved more than 8,000 women. They answered questionnaires while they were pregnant.  The interviews were part of the study “Children of the 90s” , which accompanied more than 14 thousand families in the last decade.  Three-quarters of the monitored women became pregnant at six months, 14% between six months and one year and 12% one year after they stopped taking the pill.  However, Alexandra Farrow, from the Department of Health and Social Care at Brunel University, said the finding should be treated with caution until further confirmation.

Fertility Pill is the New Moment in the United States

Couples focused on the achievement of motherhood spend incalculable fortunes and without many affordable options. Thinking about it an American company has created a non-prescription product that can be used by any woman who wishes to become pregnant. Dr. Lara Oboler, a cardiologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York when she was over 30, felt ready to start her family, but things did not go according to plan. So she decided to start research on medicines that could help and came across the mucolytic, a remedy widely used to end the congestion in the lungs . In these surveys he discovered that the mucolytic also acted on the cervical mucus leaving it thinner by facilitating the spermatozoa to reach the ovum. This contraceptive effect contraceptive pills have in their composition progesterone, which has the focus of thickening the cervical mucus making it impossible for the sperm to reach the egg. When starting the treatment with mucolytic, Dr. Lara Oboler after one month of use managed to fulfill her dream and became pregnant. Therefore, the research was completed as a treatment option for fertility and should be made available to all women. In 2010 he joined forces with his sister Goldner and a marketing executive to begin producing the product. At the end of 2012, the complete design kit was released with the cost of $ 29.99 . Two types of supplements are provided in the kit with a duration of 1 month. VitaPrep which is a junction of vitamin D, vitamin B12 and folic acid and FertilPrep which is mucolytic bound with an active ingredient of N-acetylcysteine (NAC).

“N-acetylcysteine is our main ingredient in FertilPrep, it has been thoroughly studied in placebo-controlled laboratories,” said Dr. Oboler. We found that the use of N-acetylcysteine increases the chances of getting pregnant in women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS ). As the Complete Design Kit is considered a supplement, FDA approval from the United States was not required. But the site itself follows information about years of research and guidelines with gynecologists and obstetricians who created the kit. Kit servants claim that the compound is to be used by all women who wish to become pregnant and not only for treatment of those who can not or who suffer from PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Dr. Jackie Walters , an obstetrician and gynecologist who is married to Medicine, questioned the release of the product and the company’s push to openly open to any type of patient, since infertility has several reasons and PCOS is considered only one after 12 months of natural attempts. If you want quick result you should  use pills to get pregnant immediately.

“PregPrep was produced to help any woman who wishes to become pregnant,” Dr. Goldner said. The product is the only option available to healthy women to give a force in nature, in addition to possessing the right nutrients to be able to conceive contains the natural mucolytic that acts quickly for the design. The company was founded by its founders in 2010 and has now sold more than 7,000 kits, but to date and studies on this have not been disclosed as concrete results on its effectiveness and safety . The fertility pill is not expected to be marketed in Brazil.

How long does it take to get pregnant after birth control?

One of the issues that is always here in the TF through the comments of the readers is the question: How long does it take to get pregnant after stopping the contraceptive? This is a complex question for sure. Although we hear several reports of women who have achieved their positives even in the first cycle without the contraceptive , we can consider an exception and not the rule. We can say that 90% of women who take contraceptives for a long period. Often 7, 8, 9 or more years tend to take longer to get pregnant therefore, the body needs to stabilize after all these years. Already the other 10% can achieve first or take less time to achieve pregnancy. But after all, how long does it take to get pregnant after stopping the contraceptive? And the answer to this question is one and is closer to you than you think! What does it depend on how long the woman takes to get pregnant after the contraceptive ? Exclusively two things:

Your body Of the method you used

Before contraception, the body’s hormonal cycle was different from when you ingested it. When starting the contraceptive method, the woman begins to ingest a frequent amount of synthetic hormones . Whether they are estrogen (most often) or progesterone. With these hormonal doses, the body does not let the ovulatory peak happen and so the woman does not become pregnant.

How Does the Body Stay After Stopping the Contraceptive?

With the stop of the contraceptive, the body has to readapt without these daily doses, monthly or quarterly. All hormonal functioning to return to ovulate depends exclusively on when your body will eliminate these hormones ingested . Some women may take longer than others and the time it takes to get pregnant can also vary. Some are able to eliminate the residue of contraceptives more quickly than others, this also depends on the format that the contraceptive was used and the dosage that was used. Usually women who take weaker contraceptives tend to eliminate them more quickly. Other cases depend on the effect of the injection ending to get back to being fertile. The body begins to show that this fertility is returning and also the hormones returning to their places. Some women may suffer from temporary vaginal dryness, until all hormones become regular. For this it is possible to solve with the help of lubricating gels, including appropriate ones that give an extra strenght to get pregnant faster. These lubricants, in addition to solving the problem of vaginal dryness, play the role of cervical mucus making it easier for spermatozoa to swirl up to the egg more easily, they even balance the vaginal PH increasing their survival, as in the case of the FamiGel lubricating gel . FamiGel is the first fertility-friendly lubricant developed here in Brazil and approved by Anvisa. You can get it here in our online store.

What is the deadline for the body to eliminate the contraceptive?

A normal deadline for the contraceptive to leave the woman’s body is three to six months . The woman realizes for some time that she has returned to menstruate in a certain time, or passes to leaks of coffee grounds in short spaces of time. After these leaks the hormonal cycle tends to stabilize. In most women these changes occur in the third cycle without medication.

Does Anticonceptional Injection Take More to Eliminate from the Body?

The big problem is how long it takes to get pregnant after using injectable contraceptives.  And the doubt soon comes: I stopped taking contraceptive injection and did not menstruate, can I get pregnant? Their characteristic is different from those taken orally , via the adhesive and even implants or hormone diu . They are injected and are released little by little every day. These injectables are more complex because there is no way to withdraw from the body, the way is to wait for the effect to pass alone and no longer apply the injection. In these cases it takes a little more time to get pregnant naturally. The injection takes a little over 3 months to get rid of , but see, it’s not a rule either! It is only an estimate based on the reported experiences of women who stopped taking the injection. Be it Messigyna, Perlutan, Depo Provera or any other. Of course, nothing prevents you from ovulating in the first cycle without the medication, but it is advisable to wait a while before you can expect to be pregnant. If there are very long cycles after stopping the contraceptive, it is necessary for the doctor to take notice and if it is necessary to meditate again so that it is not a very abrupt and shocking stop for the organism. I think that switching from the usual contraceptive to a milder one can make things easier, and when you stop taking the contraceptive in a more relaxed and controlled way.

 The normal time for a healthy couple to get pregnant is usually one year, but if you have taken birth control for a long time, you should consider a little more. In doubt it is recommended to have blood tests, ultrasound and also indicated that the companion husband, pass some exams if they suspect something wrong. I must remember that contraception is not a villain for fertility, it is more beneficial than if you do not take it. The ovaries stop in time with the use of them and there we can say that you will have young eggs for when you want to get pregnant. After completing all the exams and realizing that everything is ok with your health and just go to training, reinforce in the care of food and the body, to facilitate that the positive arrive even faster! A precious tip for tempting couples is the help of vitamins that boost fertility, both male and female. Patricia Amorim, in partnership with Famivita, has developed a line of fertility products that has helped many women and couples realize their dream. You can get these vitamins and their tempting kit  here in our online store .

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